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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Let the praise of Governor R.N Ravi  continue!

Let the praise of Governor R.N Ravi continue!

It is noticeable that there is an occasional clash between the Tamil Nadu government and Governor R.N Ravi. Criticizing the Tamil Nadu government at any cost is something that the governor has a habit of doing.
The conflict has been going on to such an extent that Chief Minister Stalin himself has criticized the Governor.In a recent interview he had even alleged that how the government can be praised when there is no Law & order in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai and Opposition Leader EdappadiPalaniswami met the Governor. They complained about the breakdown of Law & Order in Tamil Nadu. So both of them keep on shouting that Chief Minister Stalin should resign.

The people of Tamil Nadu even feared that Governor R.N Ravi would do something to help them after listening to them.
Even if the governor acts harshly, nothing will happen. However, the conflict between the two sides made us think so.However, Governor R.N Ravi has suddenly praised the Tamil Nadu government in direct opposition to his usual speech.Speaking at the 'Goa Day' celebration event at the Governor's House yesterday, he said, 'People from various states are coming to Tamil Nadu for education and starting businesses. People of other states consider Tamil Nadu as mother state. 

Apart from that, Tamil Nadu is a safe state.'
That and the importance of the governor's speech in praise of the Chief Minister M.K.Stalin's visit to Singapore and Japan to attract business opportunities to Tamil Nadu are a recognition of the Dravidian model of government.Speaking the truth is none other than the Governor R.N Ravi himself.This situation should continue. It is the desire of the people of Tamil Nadu that the relationship should continue. Let's put an end to the conflict between the Governor and the  Tamil Nadu Government and hope that Governor R.N Ravi will maintain good relations from now on!