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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Let the Supreme Court give good Judgement in Perarivalan's release

Let the Supreme Court give good Judgement in Perarivalan's release

The Supreme Court of India has posed the right questions in the case seeking release of Perarivalan, one of those arrested in Rajiv Gandhi assasination case.

The Supreme Court has not only openly asked why Perarivalan should not be released, but has also asked why his release was being delayed considering the fact that he has been in prison for over thirty years and taking into account from a humanitarian point his health and good conduct?

"If speedy action is not taken we will take our own decision. Why does the Central Government interfere?"asked the Supreme Court Justice quite sharply. So far in no other case, the Supreme Court of India has questioned so pointedly. 

 The lawyers have also expressed displeasure over why the Central Government did not show any interest in the issue concerning Perarivalan's release.

The Supreme Court Justices have also asked, why does the Governor delay by asking for explanations every time? The stand of the Central Government and that of the Governor has been exposed now before our eyes.
It is a welcome turn that the Supreme Court itself has said that it would take a step if no action is taken within a certain time. Crores of Tamils and all who respect Justice would welcome this.
Let a good Judgement be given soon!