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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Lifesaving skills training for 1000 youth :CM

Lifesaving skills training for 1000 youth :CM

Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin launched a lifesaving skill training for 1000 fisher community youths from 14 coastal districts to help save those who accidentally drown in the ocean.A scheme by the Department of Fisheries and Fisher Men's Welfare, the training was launched at the Secretariat on Tuesday through video conference mode for 25 youths in Kovalam.

There are 608 fishing villages in Tamilnadu along a 1076 km long coast. Some of the beaches in Tamilnadu are very scenic attracting a large number of people who visit for relaxing and passing time. Due to drowning incidents, several lives are lost. In order to reduce such incidents by saving people who accidentally drown in the seawater, the youth are being trained in lifesaving skills. 

The training is being imparted by ITUS Sports and Safety Pvt Ltd at a subsidy of Rs 53 lakhs funded by the National Fisheries Development Corporation.  Training will be imparted to 1000 youths from 14 coastal districts in Tamilnadu.

Besides reinforcing their traditional swimming skills, the training will equip the trainees with skills to provide first aid to those who drown before being taken to the hospital,  officials added.The training will also equip the trainees to be of help during disasters like cyclones and floods. They will also be able to work in areas like coastal security, and rescue and be able to be employed by resorts and tourism-related job opportunities.