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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

M.P Prajwal Revanna’s sex scandal, a shame  to India

M.P Prajwal Revanna’s sex scandal, a shame to India

The MP for the BJP's Karnataka ally Secular Janata Dal, PrajwalRevanna, is contesting from the Hassan seat. He is the son of former minister Revanna and grandson of former Prime MinisterDeveGowda. 
When explicit sex footage of Prajwal with over 2000 women was made public on April 26, it caused a great deal of controversy. Additionally, it has been stated that Prajwal threatened several young ladies by filming them and coerced them into complying with his sexual wants.
While this issue has caused a great shock across the country, beyond India, this news has spread internationally and has caused a great stir. It was broadcast on CNN News, an English news channel based in Singapore.
CNN news channel is regularly publishing news related to LokSabha elections in India. Major incidents are being broadcasted. 
In that way, the issue of PrajwalRevanna's obscene video controversy has also become the main news in the broadcast news. It was also reported that not only Prajwal but also his father Revanna has been charged with sexual assault.
The matter of the obscene videos of Parliamentarian Prajwal, which has become the topic of international conversation, has caused a big headache for India.
PrajwalRevanna has become an example of the dilemma of what will happen if the common expectation of significance personal morality in public life becomes absent.