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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Many not interested in postal voting

Many not interested in postal voting

The Election Commission is making various efforts to ensure 100 percent voter turnout in the Lok Sabha polls. In it, many people who are engaged in poll work, police involved in security work, senior citizens above 85 years of age, disabled people, corona sufferers, those with symptoms of corona, and journalists were given the opportunity to register their vote through postal vote. Most people are not interested in this.

There are 21,805 people over 85 years of age and 9,824 people with disabilities in the 6 legislative assembly constituencies of Erode Lok Sabha constituency. Last month interested senior citizens received Form 12D for postal voting. Only 2,201 of those above 85 years of age and 800 of the differently-abled gave their preference form.

From last 4th to 6th, 46 team officials contacted these voters on their mobile phones, searched their houses and registered their votes. Those who missed out were given another chance on 8th. Only 2,866 votes were cast out of 3,001 candidates who submitted their application form. 135 votes did not cast despite the option being given.

Similarly, 10,970 government employees, including teachers, are working in various departments in Erode district. If you work at a polling station within their constituency, they can get a form to register their vote there. Those who want to work in other constituencies registered their postal vote on 8th.

Of these, less than 4,000 received forms to vote at their place of employment. Only 1,468 voters registered their postal votes on the training day. However, they can cast their vote in the ballot box even till 8 am on the day of counting.

However, most did not even receive the forms, get the signature of their Head of Department and register the vote. 

Similarly, authorized journalists have been given the opportunity to register postal votes. Not a single person in Erode district got the form due to various restrictions imposed. The situation is similar in all the districts of the state.

So,  the Election Commission, which insists on 100 percent voter registration among the people, should create more awareness among the government officials.

11 elderly people die in Gopi constituency:

860 postal votes were allotted to senior voters above 85 years of age and differently abled voters in Gobichettipalayam constituency within Tirupur constituency. Voting for these took place on 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th.

Out of this, only 827 people registered their postal votes. Out of the remaining 33, 22 have gone abroad for treatment. At the same time, 11 died of old age from March 25 to March 8.