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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Microland launches “Climate Smart Schools”

Microland launches “Climate Smart Schools”

Microland Foundation, a social development arm of Microland Limited, in partnership with Keystone Foundation and Department of Education has launched 10 Climate schools in a multi-stakeholder meet held on 12thDecember, 2022.

Real Climate-change conversations

Kalpana Kar, Trustee Microland Foundation, elaborating on the model of Climate Smart Schools, stated “As part of the initiative, an integrated Climate Curriculum has been developed, and is being implemented with an inter-disciplinary Live Lab Approach. Specially trained local nature educators are working closely with selected schools to teach through demonstrable models of weather stations installed in the schools. These automated weather stations (installed by Mobitech), and Lab Kitchen Gardens, energy efficient devices, and water conservation devices - everything together constitutes the curriculum. These installations serve to conduct activities as part of this innovative climate curriculum to engage children in real Climate-change conversations and encourage them to monitor their school weather patterns and dialogue with their parents and elders.”