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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Milaap Champions Crowdfunding as a Solution in Medical Crisis

Milaap Champions Crowdfunding as a Solution in Medical Crisis

Milaap, a leading crowdfunding platform in India, organized a press meet in Trichy to bring attention to the transformative impact of crowdfunding initiatives, particularly in providing critical financial support to individuals facing severe medical conditions. Like many other cities in Tamil Nadu, Trichy has also embraced crowdfunding as a viable solution to address urgent financial needs during times of crisis. Milaap has facilitated over 2,000 crowdfunding initiatives across diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, and community support. 

Elaborating on this trend, Anoj Viswanathan, President and co-founder of Milaap said, “The world is knit in the common thread of humanity. People going through a difficult phase of their lives need not feel alone anymore as there is a whole world out there to stand by them and support them. " It is heartening to see that there have been close to 2000 fundraisers from Trichy, with over 50% for medical campaigns, 20% education campaigns, and the remaining 30% with memorial and community campaigns.” he added. 

Magesh Naganathan from Trichy, is currently running a fundraiser on Milaap to raise funds for the treatment of his newborn daughter's life-threatening heart disease. Thankfully, the fundraiser caught the attention of nearly 300 donors, who contributed over Rs. 4 lakhs to help save his daughter's life. 

Similarly, 29-year-old G. Periyasamy from Chinna Suriyur, Trichy, suffered a spine injury and required immediate posterior cervical decompression and fixation surgery. The cost of the surgery was Rs. 1.5 lakh. With timely medical intervention and generous donations, Periyasamy successfully underwent the surgery, recovered, and resumed his normal life. 

Over the years, Milaap has built a reputation for facilitating transparent and reliable fund transfers directly from donors to the beneficiaries, while keeping everyone informed through regular updates. The organization is actively seeking partnerships with more hospitals, particularly in growing cities like Trichy. For guidance on setting up a fundraiser, reach out via WhatsApp at (+91) 9916174848 or email