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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Millap Staffers organize Clowning session for young Patients

Millap Staffers organize Clowning session for young Patients, India’s largest crowd funding platform and Kanchi Kamakoti Child’s Trust Hospital in Chennai organized a clowning session for their young patients to help them recover while they are undergoing treatment for chronic illnesses. 
Medical clowning is a renowned form of therapy for patients who are under treatment for various health conditions. 

Research shows that it spreads positivity, uplifts the spirit and helps reduce the patient’s or their family’s anxiety, according to the programme organisors.
Over the course of Milaap’s work in creating awareness and building medical crowd funding in the country, the organization is cognizant of the enormous emotional and mental stress the caretakers and patients (especially children) go through during the treatment process. 

To further extend support to the emotionally distressed families, employees at Milaap have been organizing clowning for patients in several hospitals across the country.  Rigorous workshops are conducted to train people to act like clowns and bring smiles to those suffering.