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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Minimally-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital

Minimally-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital

A minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) performed at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital; Chennai freed a 63-year old glaucoma patient from his 10-year long daily dependency on antiglaucoma eye drops. The 10-minute MIGS surgery performed by the hospital’s competent surgical team significantly reduced the eye (intraocular) pressure, the root cause of glaucoma,thus making it unnecessary for the patient to use eyedrops every day to curb the progression of the condition. 

Talking about the benefits of MIGS, Dr. Ashvin Agarwal, Executive Director & Chief Clinical Officer of Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitalsaid that “MIGS is a new category of glaucoma surgery that has transformed the landscape of glaucoma management by providing a safer and less invasive alternative to trabeculectomy. At Agarwals, we have an 80% success rate with close to 50% of the cases achieving over 40% intraocular pressure reduction.” 

In her comments, Dr. S. Soundari, Regional Head - Clinical Services, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, said that, no proper cure has been found for the disease till date. Glaucoma therapy includes different methods to lower the intraocular pressure, such as medications, laser, and surgery.  In the case of mild glaucoma, eye drops are recommended. In moderate to severe cases, surgery is inevitable.” 

Considering the life changing benefits of MIGS, Dr Agarwals is Launching an Annual Glaucoma Patient Summit, a first-of-its-kind event in the city in March this year to facilitate direct interactions between the hospital’s experts and the patients to raise awareness about glaucoma and its understanding.