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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Minister asks Collectors to help ryots to become exporters

Minister asks Collectors to help ryots to become exporters

Agriculture Minister MRK Panneerselvam inaugurated an orientation programme for farmers producers companies (FPC) here on Monday  and urged the Collectors to look into the performance of FPCs to help ryots to become exporters. 

In his speech, he said over 903 FPCs were in the state. But their performance was not good. So, the CM ordered holding of this kind of programmes to help ryots to produce more value added products. 

For example, a tender coconut was packeted, its price was Rs 50 but if it was sold directly, the ryots got low price. 
In turmeric also, curcumine powder can be extracted from turmeric to get more profit instead of selling it as raw turmeric. 

So, as per the plea of minister Muthusamy, turmeric research centre was sanctioned for Erode district. Now, instead of 1000 members,  even 300 ryots can create the FPCs. But, if they did not function honestly, action would be taken. 

In addition to 150 uzhavar sandhais, 15 more were created to help ryots to sell their products directly to get more profit. If the officials didn't look into such shandies, action would be taken against them.

 The collectors should look into the performance of FTCs to help ryots to become exporters. To help ryots more, the CM ordered separate budget for agriculture.During corona period also, the ryots worked to help people. 

Now, the the ryots were given respect in government offices only due to the schemes 
of government. Subsidy to linked loan up-to Rs 10 lakh would be given to members of FPCs, he added.

Housing Minister S Muthusamy said the CM would visit to Erode shorty and distribute government aid to 40000 persons, lay foundation for 2 central bus stands and agriculture development projects. 

Information Minister MP Saminathan, Agriculture Secretary Samayamurthy, Agriculture Marketing Director Dr Natarajan, Horticulture Director Indiradevi, and Collector 
H Krishnanunni also spoke.