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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

Minister inspects residential school

Minister inspects residential school

School Education Minister  Anbil Mahesh Poiyamozhi inspected Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Boarding School at Ondipudhur, Coimbatore and discussed with the teachers and students.  During this inspection, the District Collector  Dr. G. S. Sameeran and Chief Education Officer Ira. Bhupathi and Coordinator Sudhakar Paul participated. 

The Minister asked about the learning ability of the students and lauded teachers for building the future society. 
He asked their opinions in order to implement the creative ideas for the welfare of the students. He said teachers should monitor whether the students are fully paying attention to the lesson while conducting the lesson in the class.

If there are some students who are not paying attention to the lesson and there is a change in their behaviour, their parents should be informed about them. Their problem should be identified to counsel them to relieve their stress. In Tamilnadu, numeracy and literacy programme is being implemented well.  The  program should be implemented well to improve Tamil and English reading skills and basic math skills of the students. Then, he inspected the District Institute for Teacher Education and Training