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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Minister inspects Uratchikottai water project

Minister inspects Uratchikottai water project

Minister of Housing Su Muthusamy inspected Erode Corporation's Uratchikottai combined water project worksite near Bavani . He said the project has been implemented at a cost of Rs.484.45 crore for Erode city. The project is designed to provide 114.75 million liters of drinking water to a population of 7 lakh in the interim (2032) period and 147.69 million liters to a population of 9.05 lakh in a peak (2047) period population. 

Nearly 6 km from Bhavani city, a water collection well is constructed in Cauvery River at Varadanallur and from which water is drawn and sent to a water treatment plant with a capacity of 120 million litres.  The treated water is supplied from a ground level tank with a capacity of 52 lakh litres.

1,05,000 household water connections

The drinking water is transported to the newly constructed 42 lakh and 118 lakh capacity ground level tanks at Suriyampalayam and VOC Park respectively in Erode.  From these two ground level tanks, water is transported by pipeline to 21 newly constructed overhead tanks and existing old tanks. The water is distributed through 1,05,000 household water connections in the Erode City. 

Through this scheme, 135 liters of protected drinking water per person per day is being provided to the people of Erode Corporation, he said.  He asked all the members of the Erode corporation to cite the problems in water supply in their wards.  He said that a department-wise study meeting will be conducted separately regarding the activities of the project.