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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Minister invites suggestions from farmers on LBP canal modernistion work

Minister invites suggestions from farmers on LBP canal modernistion work

Housing Minister S Muthusamy invited suggestions from the farmers about the LBP canal modernistion work.

He consulted the farmers opposing the cement concretisaion work in the main canal at the collectorate on Tuesday. 

Later, he told newsmen the government's aim to renovate the main canal, strenthen the earthern bunds, rebuilt the damaged portions, check wastage of water and thus ensure water flow till tail end areas of the canal. But, a section of ryot supported the work and another opposed it. 

So, the opponent ryots associations were told to select 10 members of them and give their suggestions regarding the project, weak areas of the canal and the spots where the renovation work should be initiated etc within 10 days.

The views would be sent to the ryots associations supporting the renovation work and on the basis of consensus the government would take a decision without affecting the interest of ryots of the LBP ayacut. 

He asserted that already he clarified that the concretisaion work would not be done on the surface of the canal so that the ground water discharge would not be hit. 

He said that study would also be done on trees on the bank of the canal and the water harnessing projects depending on the canal. He said that there is no link between the present consultation and HC order in a case related to the subject. He said he invited all public representatives including MLAs and MPs to the meeting. Similar consultation will be made in Tirupur district also, he added.

Collector Rajagopal Sunkara, MPs Andhiyur Selvaraj, MLA Eswaran, DMK environment wing secretary Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, farmers representatives opposing the project and officials attended the meeting.