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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Minister's call to  wipe out drug menace

Minister's call to wipe out drug menace

Information Minister MP Saminathan appealed to the police to wipe out drug menace in Tirupur district while reviewing the works of police department at the collectorate on Friday.
He said that the CM took various steps to make the state free from drug menace. In the district also, various steps were taken to wipe out the  menace. 
The district has many migrant workers and two months back, an unnecessary tension was surfaced in the district. 
Then, normalcy was restored. The cops should be careful in maintaining peace and L &O in the district, he pleaded. Collector Dr S Veneeth, City police commissioner Praveenkumar Abinabu, SP Sasangsai, DSP Abhishek Gupta, and many police officials attended the meeting