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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Minorities safe in TN: AIDPP Chief Isaac at Salem

Minorities safe in TN: AIDPP Chief Isaac at Salem

Dr. V.S. Isaac Ayah, the founder and national president All India Democratic People's Party and the Global Christian Church of India Synod said minorities were safe in Tamilnadu as the state government took proactive steps in safeguarding minority intersts.

Delivering speech during a protest demonstration in Salem near the Collectorate agains the recent violence incidents in Manipur especially the attacks on minorities and burning of Churches following sectarian violence.

During the protest held near the Salem Collector's office, participants from the All India Democratic People's Party and the Global Christian Church of India Synod of Salem expressed their strong condemnation of the incidents that have taken place in Manipur. The party's national president, Dr. V.S. Isaac Ayah, took the lead in addressing the crowd and delivering a speech condemning the actions that have transpired in Manipur.

Archbishop Isaac highlighted the incidents of rise of violence across the country and criticized the Manipur state government for failing to address the situation effectively. He pointed out the economic challenges faced by the poor due to inflation and voiced concern over the government's dealings with corporate entities regarding the utilization of mountain resources.

In light of these concerns, Archbishop Isaac called for a political change in India and criticized the ineffectiveness of the current government in ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. He also pointed out the involvement of certain affiliations, such as Hindu Parishad, RSS Bajrangdal, and BJP's affiliates, in perpetrating violence in various states. The protesters urged the central government to ban such organizations.

Archbishop Isaac's speech concluded with a call to the state governments, particularly praising the efforts of the Tamil Nadu government in safeguarding minority interests. He expressed support for DMK in Tamil Nadu and Congress at the national level.

Regional Archbishop Harold D. David, Eastern District Archbishop Joseph Mohan, Western Regional Archbishop Daniel, Northern Regional Archbishop David Kutty, Eastern Regional Archbishop Barnabas. Madurai District Archbishop Zebastin were among those who took part in the protest.