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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

MLA seeks expert panel to study LBP canal modernization plan

MLA seeks expert panel to study LBP canal modernization plan

Modakkurichi BJP MLA Dr. CK Saraswathi has demanded that the government set up a high-level expert committee to resolve the dispute over the renovation of the Keelpavani canal in Erode, Karur and Tirupur districts. 

Opening a hotel at Erode, on Sunday, she said: "Irrigation farmers are divided over the modernization plan of the canal. They have also expressed such views as a constituency MLA. There seems to be justice on both sides.  The government claims that a review meeting was held nearly 10 years back under the chairmanship of top PWD engineer Mohanakrishnan, on the basis of which the plan was developed.  The situation was different now. 

 Currently, a section of farmers are supporting the plan and another section opposed it.  So, an high-level expert panel should review the plan once again and study the views of ayacut ryots.  The Minister of Irrigation said that the loan has already been obtained for this project and interest for it was paying.So,  he refused to halt the project. It indicated that some body wanted to get monetary benefit out of the project. 

At present some people in the DMK are talking as if studying Hindi will only help to sell something like Panipuri.  This is highly reprehensible.  It is like slandering a language and insulting those who speak that language .The Central Government has not imposed Hindi .We want to allow those who want to learn Hindi .Millions of students in Tamil Nadu are learning Hindi through the Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachara Sabha. 

 But there are a lot of students in government schools who do not have the opportunity or money to learn Hindi .We  say that the government should take action to learn Hindi.  It will not be a Hindi imposition.  
Various welfare schemes are being offered in my constituency.  In recent times, I have been ignored as a constituency MLA in government programs.  So  BJP decided to stage a stir by inviting party president Annamalai. 

After that the District Collector is inviting me to government events.  There are some more requests for the growth of my segment.  We hope he will fulfill them too, she added.