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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MLA sore over poor  condition of Kodumudi GH

MLA sore over poor condition of Kodumudi GH

Modakurichi MLA Dr. C. Saraswati (BJP) pleaded to the givernment to improve basic infrastrucure in the Kodumudi Taluk HQ Hospital in her segment. She conducted a study in the laboratory, wards, emergency department, pharmacy and medical equipment rooms. After the study, she said: "even though the Hospital has been upgraded into taluk hospital, there are no basic infrastructure in it. 

Despite posting of eight doctors including six general doctors, one dentist and one Siddha doctor, they are not able to continue working due to frequent transfer.  Due to this, proper treatment cannot be given to the patients. An ortho specialist has been appointed. But, there is no X-ray machine. 

Therefore, poor patients are paying money to get X-ray outside. Even today, the machines and equipments in the laboratories are in very poor condition.  The machines are not working and the staff are not able to provide proper treatment to the accident victims. 

People are being taken to hospitals in Karur and Erode. A scan machine that can scan pregnant women doesn't work here.  As a result, pregnant women go out and pay for scans. And post-mortems are being conducted properly here. 

But the bodies of unidentified persons are sent to Erode Medical College Hospital Mortuary due to lack of freezer box with refrigeration facility here to keep them safe for examination.  Though it is a Taluk Hospital, very few patients are coming due to lack of facilities to treat them, which has created a lot of concern among the public," she rued and assured to raise the condition of the hospital in the Assembly. During the study, Medical Officer Revathi, Dr Baby, Siddha Dr Indumati, Dentist Geetha and medical personnel and local dignitaries were present.