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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Modi’s visits are a waste: EPS

Modi’s visits are a waste: EPS

AIADMK General Secretary and Tamil Nadu Opposition Leader Edappadi K Palaniswami has said on Wednessday that PM Modi's frequent visits to Tamil Nadu are of no use and he is only targeting votes.

With the election campaign in Tamil Nadu coming to an end  and political party leaders are engaged in a hectic final phase of campaigning, 
Edappadi Palanichami campaigned in support of AIADMK candidate Vignesh in Salem Lok Sabha constituency. Addressing the media he made serious allegations against the DMK, Congress and the BJP. 

About the frequent visits of the Prime Minister Modi's to Tamil Nadu he said, “ They are of no use. Prime Minister Modi is targeting votes only. Adequate funds have not been provided to Tamil Nadu, which has been hit by natural calamities. No one was born to destroy the AIADMK. People have been severely affected by the rise in prices of petrol, diesel and essential commodities. For 10 years, Tamil Nadu has not been given any special schemes implemented in BJP-ruled states”.

In case of natural calamities, the funds requested are not fully disbursed. The central government has not properly distributed the funds distributed to the states. For 10 years Tamil Nadu has not given the schemes to be implemented in BJP ruled states. The central BJP government has not provided the funds requested by the Tamil Nadu government whenever there is a natural calamity. Ministers come to Tamilnadu only for election campaign. But no one talks about state problems, the former Chief Minister said.

He alleged that both BJP and Congress received significant funds through election bonds, while DMK allegedly received 650 crore rupees through such bonds.

DMK’s False Propaganda:

 "It was during the AIDMK regime that schemes were brought to protect the welfare of the people. 520 announcements of the DMK government have not been fully implemented yet. Only about 10 percent of the announcements in the announced election manifesto have been implemented. Chief Minister and President of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Stalin has been telling a blatant lie in election campaign meetings that 98 percent of declared election manifestos have been fulfilled. Unemployment: There are many problems in Tamil Nadu like river water problem, drug traffic, price rise, unemployment, electricity bill hike, property tax hike, Edappai K Palanisamy said.”Dismisses Pre Poll Prediction as 'False

Edappadi Palaniswami criticized the publication of what he deemed as false polls, stating that they aren't reflective of genuine public opinion but rather an imposition of viewpoints. A popular Tamil news channel’s final survey indicate a tough competition between AIADMK and DMK in certain constituencies like Kallakurichi and Pollachi, while in others, the BJP alliance is projected to overtake AIADMK for the second position. Palaniswami expressed confidence in AIADMK's victory, dismissing the polls and asserting that their alliance will triumph as expected by the people. He criticized the frequent visits of the Prime Minister to Tamil Nadu, suggesting that tangible projects would have been more beneficial.