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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

More Staff needed for Dengue Prevention work

More Staff needed for Dengue Prevention work

Erode District Collector  H. Krishnanunni chaired a coordination committee meeting at the collectorate on Monday on dengue fever prevention activities. He said in the current SW Monsoon season and upcoming NE Monsoon season, the Panchayats, Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Anganwadi Centres, Women's Scheme, District Education Offices, College Education Directorate etc. have been assigned responsibilities to take preventive measures against fever and dengue. 

There are a total of 3,09,641 houses in the panchayats.  If mosquito repellants are sprayed in 50 houses per person per day, 300 houses will be covered in 6 days. For the  work, a total of 1032  mosquito pest control workers should be appointed in the panchayats across the district. 

At present only 245 workers have been appointed. So, 787 workers are needed till December - 2022.If mosquito repellants are sprayed in  all the areas,  mosquito menace and dengue fever can be controlled. Also, during the rainy  season there is a need to remove unnecessary water-logged utensils, tyres, coconut shells, and plastic items.

Chlorine levels in the water tanks should be maintained.  Fumigation in the areas is must where fever is found. Broken water pipelines and mosquito repellant sprayers should be repaired immediately and put into operation.

Unnecessary materials from all areas should be cleared, water tanks be cleaned once in 15 days, chlorine levels be monitored regularly, rain water stagnation be cleared, mosquito deworming and fumigation be carried out in all houses in dengue and fever affected areas, government buildings, hospitals, godowns, newly constructed buildings and vehicle repair shops in the corporation and municipal areas be monitored to prevent growth of mosquitoes. 

If any of the children visiting the Anganwadi Centers show any symptoms like cold or fever, it should be reported to the health staff and parents  to take them to go to hospital. Areas around Anganwadi centers should be kept free from waterlogging and breeding of mosquitoes.

If anyone is diagnosed with fever in their assigned areas, he should be advised to go to the primary health center and seek treatment. All those working in self-help groups should create awareness about diseases caused by mosquitoes and create a hygienic environment by removing unnecessary materials from the houses in their areas without stagnant rainwater, he advised.