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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Mr. Modi...  Is it enough to talk in Tamil?

Mr. Modi... Is it enough to talk in Tamil?

Prime Minister Modi has been making a habit of speaking a few words in Tamil wherever he has been addressing lately, taking notes from literature such as Thirukkural and Bharatiyar poems. When he came to campaign in Tamil Nadu, he celebrated with Tamil on his scalp. It then continued. Even when speaking in northern states, he flatters Tamil. Tamil is said to be the oldest language in the world.

The BJP people were boastful that Prime Minister Modi had become unstoppably enamored with Tamil. Whenever such news came, we all Tamilians were proud to believe it as true. But now it has come to light that the union BJP government has not paid even one twentiethplace in-terms of the attention paid to the development of Hindi and Sanskrit or to the development of Tamil.

The Union Government that has to treat all the 22 languages recognized by the Constitution of India has proved it right the charges that several states including Tamilnaduis being ignored.  A large amount of funding has been allocated to the defunct Sanskrit language and a lesser amount to the world's oldest language, Tamil.
Recently in the LokSabha, the Congress M.P. said about the funds allocated for Tamil and Sanskrit development.

Jyotimani was asking questions. Union Minister of State for Education SubhashSarkar has responded in writing. Accordingly, since 2014, the central government has allocated Rs.74.1 crore to the Central Institute of Classical Tamil Studies. At the same time Rs.1487.9 crore has been allotted to the Central Sanskrit University. In other words, about 20 times more funds have been allocated for Sanskrit than for Tamil.

Is it fair for the government led by Prime Minister Modi to cheat in the allocation of funds to prevent its development while talking proudly about Tamil - the world's oldest language? Why this discrimination? Prime Minister Modi will have to respond to this allegation when he deals with Tamil in the coming meetings. In addition to this, Tamil should be allocated funds more than Sanskrit immediately and a remedy should be sought.

Only then will it be revealed wheatherPrime Minister Modi's true love for Tamil is disguised or not. Otherwise they try to make a new education policy and introduce Hindi and Sanskrit. The allegation that they are deceiving people by speaking Tamil and Thirukkural will come true. No matter what, Annamalai, who has a voice, should at least get an answer to this and give an explanation to the Tamils. Will Prime Minister Modi crown Mother Tamil?