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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Namma Yatri Autos Now in Namma Chennai

Namma Yatri Autos Now in Namma Chennai

Namma Yatri, India’s open and community-first auto booking app, part of the ONDC Network, was launched in Chennai by the Esteemed Transport and Road Safety Commissioner.Conceived and built by the graduates from Anna University, this innovative, zero-commission app isdesigned to empower auto drivers with higher earnings and autonomy while providing affordable and convenient transportation for Chennai's residents. Namma Yatri is a tribute to the spirit of Chennai.

The Honorable Transport and Road Safety Commissioner, Mr. A. Shanmuga Sundaram, IAS chaired the event and flagged the official launch of service in Chennai. Senior Vice President of ONDC Nitin Nair, Chief Executive Officer of FIDE Sujith Nair, Chief Executive Officer of Juspay Sheetal Lalwani were present at the launch.

Mr. I. Jeyakumar, IRTS, Special Officer at CUMTA, emphasized the app's potential role in integrated urban mobility. Mr. Bhaskar Verma, South Head at Nasscom,highlighted Namma Yatri's use of technology for social impact. The event also featured the felicitation of top Namma Yatri Stars, the auto drivers themselves.

Mr. T Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, noted, “Namma Yatri on ONDC network exemplifies the power of open networks in transforming urban mobility. It will facilitate more efficient, inclusive and sustainable transportation.” Adding to this, Mr. Vimal Kumar, CEO of Juspay and an alumnus of Anna University, shared, “Namma Yatri is more than an app; it's an attempt to unite community, government, and technology.”