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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

''National interest'' on TV Show: A welcome annoucement

''National interest'' on TV Show: A welcome annoucement

After 11 years, the Union Government has revised the broadcasting guidelines of TV channels in India.
Accordingly, the requirement to obtain permission to telecast events live has been removed.
Channels do not need approval to change the language they broadcast. Permission granted to news organizations for one year only will now be granted for five years.

Among the many guidelines announced as such, it is paramount that TV channels broadcast 30-minute public interest programs every day on topics of national importance such as promotion of women's rights, promotion of literacy, science and technology, protection of environment, preservation of cultural heritage, promotion of rural development, promotion of health and family welfare. viewed together.

There have been criticisms of this protocol. The opposition is criticizing this as suppression of channels and selfishness created by BJP to recite its scriptures. However, it is a very welcome announcement that the national interest program will be aired on TV channels. But politics should not intrude in this broadcast for any reason. 

In particular, it should not become a case of the ruling party imposing its policies.  Only programs of national interest should be broadcast. Care should be taken not to give room for any complaints. Earlier schools used to have jurisprudence classes. Similarly, it is good to telecast ``Desha Nalan'' programs which will be aired for half an hour in the middle of programs like movies and serials on TV channels. Lets welcome and look forward to the broadcast tomorrow!