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National Level Science Congress in City College

National Level Science Congress in City College

A two day national level conference on ‘Scientific Input, Technological Advancement and Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development’ got underway at Kongunadu Arts and Science College. The event is being held on 2nd and 3rd February 2023.

The Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata,(ISCA) sponsored event is jointly organized by the Kongunadu Arts and Science and the Indian Science Congress Association, Coimbatore Chapter. Dr. (Mrs.). Vijay Laxmi Saxena, General President ISCA, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Also present on the occasion were Dr.Ashok Kumar Saxena, General President (Past) ISCA, Dr.S.Ramakrishna, Executive Committee Member ISCA, Prof.G.Gangadhar, Council Member ISCA, Dr.Manojkumar Chakrabarti, Council Member ISCA, Dr.G.Hemaprabha, Director, ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore , Dr.Nibedita Chakrabarti, Executive Committee Member ISCA , Dr.M. Lekeshmanaswamy, Principal, KASC, Dr.S.Paulsamy, Convener ISCA, Coimbatore Chapter and Dr. R.T. Narendhirakannan, Organizing Secretary.
Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Dr. (Mrs.) Vijay Laxmi Saxena pointed out that the 21st century is an era of science and technology. In the field of science and technology we are witnessing exponential growth. We see advancement in almost every field, be it space, healthcare, agriculture and so on. The role of women has also changed in the 21st century.

They are no more restricted to the household chores. Today women are leading in every field due to advancement of education and are self-dependent. They are making a balance between family responsibilities and outside world. She added that however marginalization of girls resulting in their poor access to education simply because of their gender poses an ongoing challenge in India. In every country around the world, women face multiple barriers, and gender based discrimination in the workplace and in the society.

She further said that despite India having the second largest internet base with over 658 millionsubscribers and the cheapest mobile data price in the world, the pandemic has exposed the digital divide between men and women. Dr. Saxena mentioned that about 57 percent of active internet users in urban areas are men, while 43 percent are women. She further added that rural India is still far behind when it comes to digital infrastructure, and purchasing power.

She stated that digital and gender divide not only affect the education but hampers the growth of the country. There is an urgent need to address and bridgethe gap before it deepens into a wider chasm. Dr.S.Ramakrishna while speaking on the occasion complimented the staff and students for conducting the seminar in such a grand manner. He said that entire college seems to be reverberating with positive energy emanating from the students. He added that the students will learn many things by involving themselves in activities such as the organization of events.

Prof.G.Gangadhar in his speech observed that ISCA has about 30 chapters with the main objective being to advance and promote the cause of science in India and to inculcate the scientific spirit among the people of the country. Dr.Manojkumar Chakrabarti, in his speech noted that scientists of the world have been working to develop new technologies in different areas of research which may help us in obtaining a sustainable future.

Science Education

It is essential that students and budding scientists, should understand the role of science and technology in the development of a sustainable future. Dr.Nibedita Chakrabarti in her speech stated that despite all the technological and scientific advancements, there is a large lacuna in inclusive growth. She added that women face a lot of barriers. To make them strong, to face the social barriers,more awareness programs are needed and that women in rural areas should be encouraged to go in for science education to face the barrier of social dogmas and emerge successful.

Dr.G.Hemaprabha gave a detailed presentation with focus on the conference topic of women empowerment on the occasion. Dr.C.A.Vasuki addressing the gathering said that the first and foremost thing required for women to be empowered is education. Pointing to the students she said that students are getting into the first step of empowerment and that the next step is employment.

She added that after their employment they would become economically free. She further stated that whatever shackles you come across in life students need to break them and emergesuccessful.  Dr.Ashok Kumar Saxena released the ISCA souvenir for 2023 on the occasion. Dr. R.T.Narendhirakannan delivered the vote of thanks on the occasion. Earlier Dr.S.Paulsamy delivered the welcome address on the occasion.