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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Naya Gadget, Chennai's latest multi brand store opens in EA

Naya Gadget, Chennai's latest multi brand store opens in EA

A world class store for multi brand gadgets "NAYA GADGET" opened its latest showroom in the popular ExpressAvenue Mall.Spread over 2600 sqft this tastefully done store will offer the customers a range of high quality personal products imported from the best manufacturers in the world. With over 30 years’ experience in the retail business,Rathod  family decided to bring the best  goods under one roof for all those who are quality conscious and appreciate the new technological advances.

According to Mr Padam the promoter, today the consumer looks for high quality and style and is willing to pay extra to get these products. The luxury premium brand of mobile phones Vertu which starts with a price range of Rs 500,000 is being launched here.

Some of the products which are available include premium coffee machines,high end speakers, Sennheiser Headphones,Bowers & Wilkins speakers, Devialet bowers,Sonos,B & O,Marshall, Bose etc. The buyers can get a complete feel of anything at the experience center where trained engineers will demonstrate and explain the finer aspects of the gadgets to help them choose correctly based on their need and budget.

The smartphone market is booming due to the increasing internet penetration and digital literacy. Naya Gadget wants to take advantage of the new realities of the retail business and build the brand Naya Gadget into a national brand.