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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

NEET result a Shock to Tamilnadu

NEET result a Shock to Tamilnadu

NEET entrance exam results for medical courses have been released. A student named Tanishka from the state of Rajasthan has got the national firstrank. Students from states of Delhi and Karnataka have bagged the second and third ranks while Tridev Vinayaka from Madurai in Tamilnadu with 705 marks is 1st in the state and 30th nationally. Close to her is a student named M. Harini has scored 702 marks and is in the 43rd place.

NEET written exam  for medical admission is conducted in 13 languages including Tamil, Telugu,Malayalam, Urdu, English and Marathi.The pass rate of students from Tamilnadu is on the decline despite the increase in the number of students writing the exam.

Out of the students from Tamil Nadu who participated in this year's examination,32 thousand  wrote the exam in Tamil.This figure is about 62% higher compared to last year
A total of 1,32,167 students appeared for the exam in Tamil Nadu and 67,789 (51.2%) passed.Last year however the pass percentage in the exam was 57.4%.

Despite the anti-NEET mentality in Tamil Nadu, the government school students are being given special coaching so that they do not miss their medical dream.As many as 17,000 government schools this year but 80 percent of them have embraced failure.

Meanwhile one can notice that the number of students taking up NEET exam is less than before. This is shocking news for Tamil Nadu. Government school students have suffered setback this year.This because of those students called repeaters who take the NEET exams for the 2nd and 3rd. They are all rich and privileged. Such an environment is not for government school students.

Hence 7.5 percent reservation is given to government school students.While it is only a consolation, government action to increase the quota is also made. Corona pandemic has caused the decrease in the percentage of those who passed the NEET exam. Not conducting live training classes and irrelevant questions asked in subjects like biology are some reasons cited for the poor result and the demand is being placed for the Government of Tamilnadu for more support to NEET aspirants. 

In an environment where NEET has become mandatory,the government needs it pay attention to this factor. It is important to formalize training and guidance for educators.   Tamil Nadu government's demand is to exempt from NEET examination.The legal battle is going on. All of Tamil Nadu parties are also working in unison on this matter.

Will exemption be available for NEET examination? If so when? These are the big questions that remain to be answered. Until the right answers are available, just face the NEET exam The students are destined to fully involve themselves in the effort.