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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

New home, new strategy; Sasikala back into  serious politics?

New home, new strategy; Sasikala back into serious politics?

After vacating from Jayalalithaa’s house in Poes Garden, Chennai, Sasikala bought land near the late Chief Minister’s house and built her own house on it at a cost of several crores of rupees. Sasikala's supporters said she was seen in high spirits after the house warming event was held yesterday (Wednesday) morning.
With the parliamentary elections approaching, Sasikala, who has been quietly observing the political trends in Tamil Nadu till now, is expected to move the pieces in full swing. 
The news that she will speed up her political activities in his new home is resonating across Tamil Nadu.
As a first step, supporters are suggesting on social media that she will attempt to unite the divided AIADMK and re-emerge as a political force during the run-up to the parliamentary elections.Sasikala has so far kept saying that she will unite the but it doesn't seem likely at all.
There is no doubt that O. Panneerselvam and T.T.V.Dinakaran will give full support to Sasikala. But AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami is adamant that he will never accept Sasikala. He will not want to give up the AIADMK leadership for any reason.
Does not Edappadi Palaniswami know that if Sasikala is 'in' he will be out? Edappadi Palaniswami will never crawl back to the ground even if Sasikala enters into serious politics. 
Sasikala, OPS and Dhinakaran are counting on the fact that they can transform the minor split in the party into a big split by the votes of the communities they depend on. Politically, this is seen as possible, if not overtly so.
Will Sasikala be able to take over the Edappadi Palaniswami-led AIADMK in the name of friend Jayalalithaa? Or will Edappadi engage in competitive politics that will split the AIADMK vote bank against Palaniswami?
Just have to wait and see!