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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

New technology introduced to check landslides at Ooty

New technology introduced to check landslides at Ooty

In the Nilgiris district, on behalf of the highways department, the district administration introduced the method of preventing landslides using modern soil nailing technology in the area of ​​Utagai-Kodappamandu. Collector M. Aruna inspected it on Thursday.

Later, she told reporters: The main national highways connecting various states in the Nilgiris district passes through Udagai and Coonoor hills. Also, tourists from different parts of India travel through this road to enjoy the tourist attractions in the district. Due to the north-east and south-west monsoons in this mountain pass landslides occur at some places on national and state highways. Retaining wall and chest wall are constructed to prevent landslides and mudslides. However, due to climate change and rainfall, landslides and mudslides occur in some places. Thus a complete solution cannot be found by building a retaining wall and a chest wall. Therefore, to implement soil stabilization and prevent landslide the modern technology was introduced.

 On 22.12.2021, Minister of Public Works inaugurated the Landslide Preventing - Soil Nailing System with modern technology in Kodappamandu area of ​​Utagai - Kothagiri - Mettupalayam Road under the mega project of Landslide Prevention Project. In the district, the technology prevents soil erosion on the steep slope of the hill, increases soil stability with geo grid, strengthend the slope of the hill surface etc. The technology was used in 8 places at a cost of Rs Rs 2 cr. 

Work in remaining 6 places is progressing rapidly. Through this, people living in the Nilgiris, tourists, people carrying commercial goods to the mountains, and vegetables to the plains will benefit. Above all, it will be used to prevent human casualties and wildlife casualties, she added.