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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

New  TVC advocates Polycab Green Wire use

New TVC advocates Polycab Green Wire use

Electrical goods company, Polycab India Limited (PIL) has announced its latest television commercial advocating the use of Polycab Green Wire for a safe and secured well-being of all. The “Extra safe wire means extra safe dreams” campaign of Polycab stands apart in the sense that it is a pioneering endeavor to convey to today’s modern-day consumer about value proposition of wires & cables extending beyond the product benefits approach. With this campaign we are nudging people to pay extra attention to the quality of wires they use by showcasing powerful human stories.

Conveying the value proposition of wires and their benefits, the film depicts an aspiring badminton player who conveys to her father the unavailability of stadium space through the night. The story is about how the father prepares a backyard stadium using Polycab Green Wire. This delights the daughter who can’t thank him enough.