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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

NGO's call to protect vultures

NGO's call to protect vultures

In the interaction with the secretaries of Milk Producers Co-operative Societies, arranged by Erode Aavin at Bhavani on Friday, an appeal was made to protect Paru vultures.  Nearly, 100 secretaries of Andhiyur, Athani, Chennampatti, Kaunthappadi and Bhavani attended. 

 The meeting was presided over by dairy development deputy registrar R. Chandrasekaran, Deputy Registrar, and senior inspector M. Anandan.
Speaking at the meeting, S. Bharathidasan, Secretary of Arulagam, NGO, and member of the Tamil Nadu Government Wildlife Board, mentioned the service rendered by Aavin for improving the livelihood of the underprivileged people. 

Further, he talked about the service rendered by vulture species. They act as a pandemic vaccine by consuming dead animals and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. If those species are wiped out, humanity may face a more severe infection in the future than the Covid pandemic situation that we are facing now.  

Further he brought to the attention of painkillers used on cattle that harm vultures by consuming dead cows. At present, the drugs ‘Meloxicam’ and ‘Tolfenamic acid’ have been confirmed as safe drugs by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute for animals.  

He also talked further about how to avoid painkillers and take precaution measures by avoiding ‘mastitis’ disease by practising hygienic milking methods.
Further he appealed that if the cattle die naturally at the edge of the forest they should not be buried and left as food for scavengers like vultures.  S. Duraisamy, Secretary,  Veppamarathur Society, appealed that the cattle should be allowed to graze in the forest. 

Chandrasekhar, an ornithologist, said they should be aware of the disease being transmitted from livestock to wildlife and that the practice of certifying the sterility of cows should be handled by nearby veterinarians and that it would be best to send certified livestock to pasture.  Mr. Karthikeyan Biologist of Arulagam expressed vote of thanks.