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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Of female  officers' street fight

Of female officers' street fight

The state of Karnataka is  bent down because of two women. It doesn’t matter if they are normal women. One is IPS officer Rupa Maudgil and another is IAS officer Rohini Sinduri. Both have broken records for the wrong reasons.

Rupa Maudgil was praised for exposing Sasikala’s luxurious facilities while in jail in Bengaluru.
Similarly, in 2015, when she was the CEO of a Zilla Panchayat in Mandya district, Rohini Sinduri was awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for constructing one lakh toilets in a year.

The fight between these two officials is currently causing the Karnataka officials and the political class a moral dilemma. It’s shameful that the two women officers are charging  work-related accusations against each other and non-stop sharing of personal and intimate pictures of inappropriate behavior. complaints. Do IAS and IPS officers conduct their work like this?

To that extent,  the two women officers have gone to intolerable levels of  nasty street. The Chief Secretary could have prevented it; Why, Chief Minister Bommai may have stepped in and curtailed it.  A little action has sprung up only after the stench blew up to the Union Home Office. Both have been transferred and placed on mandatory standby. Do women of achievement need this?

The issue is not which of the two is guilty. The way they behaved is the problem. The truth is that it has caused a headache not only for Karnataka but also for the country itself. The veracity of the allegations must be ascertained. They should be punished and the punishment should serve as a lesson to other officers.