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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Of mothers’ voice of anguish

Of mothers’ voice of anguish

Cooking gas cylinder price for domestic use stood at Rs 965.50 without being hiked for 2 months since last March. After that, the Union government increased the price of domestic cylinder by Rs 50 in May. Because of this, the opposition parties criticized Modi as the first Prime Minister to achieve a record of raising the price of cooking gas cylinder above Rs 1,000 for the first time ever.

In this backdrop, after a month, the Modi government has increased the price of the cylinder has been increased by 50 rupees. With this, a household cylinder is nowsold at Rs.1068.50.The cylinder price has been hiked by Rs 315 per cylinder in the last 17 months and by Rs 150 in the first 5 months of 2022.
What is the cause of gas price hike? Taxation?not at all. The total tax levied on it is 5% (Union Government Tax 2.5%, State Government Tax 2.5%). The real reason for the price hike is the removal of subsidy by the Union BJP government.

In January 2014, when gas cylinder prices crossed Rs 1100, the then Congress government raised the subsidy to Rs 750 per cylinder.So people got a gas cylinder for Rs 400. But now the BJP government has stopped the subsidy and the entire burden has fallen on the people.

 We cannot afford this price hike. If we don't have enough income, we struggle to support the family. Even making tea and hot water using gas makes us think hard. Using electric stoves will increase the electricity bill.If we continue like this, we will be forced to return to the fire wood cooking. So immediate action should be taken to reduce the cylinder price. And this is the unanimous voice of the mothers.

Will this voice of their anguish fall on the ears of the Union Government? Even if it falls, gas prices will rise further in the coming months; There is no going down.
Let's blow the trumpet though!