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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Old man who gave away property to the Government!

Old man who gave away property to the Government!

Children who hate their  Parents are the primary reason for the increase in old age homes today. It is the duty of children to keep their parents with them in their old age. But the cruelty of taking an old mother in an auto and leaving her on the side of the road is happening.

There is adequate legal protection for the elderly in our country. It is worth recalling the recent order issued by Madras High Court Judge Asha that children who do not take care of their parents have no right to property.
The old father bequeathed his assets to  his sons, including an Air Force officer. But they did not take care of the father. So the old man approached the court. 

The High Court annulled the written deeds and ordered the property to be returned to the father. Now in another incident: Nathu Singh, an 80-year-old man from the state of Uttar Pradesh, has written a will of his immovable property worth Rs 1.5 crore in the name of the state governor. Why did he do that?
This old man said that he did not want to write down his property to his son and daughter-in-law as they did not take care of him properly. Now staying in an old age home, he wants the government to open a school or a hospital with his property. 

Many such old people are living in pain all over the country. Such incidents speak of the decay of virtues in the society.  Why do some children who have not taken care of their parents in the last period behave like this? Parents are the ones who laid the foundation for us to be alive and well today, how can we forget that? Legal protection is there to teach a lesson to the wretched children who neglect their parents without wetness in their bosoms.

 It is the duty of children to protect even if their parents have no property. Children of today's generation should ensure that such painful incidents do not happen. It is comforting to know that there are many children who protect their parents till the end.   If the parents approach the court or the police seeking action against the children who did not protect them, the verdict will be in favor of the elderly. You have to realize how much it will make you look bad in society. There should be more awareness about legal protection for the elderly; to cause