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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Over 61k XSEED students overcome Post-Covid learning problem

Over 61k XSEED students overcome Post-Covid learning problem

According to  XSEED Learnometer Skills Test 2022 —a comprehensive skills-based tests taken by school children in India — found that students learning the XSEED programme showed a remarkable post-COVID learning improvement of over 31% same-student improvement in overall scores versus last year. Further, the XSEED kids showed a 30% improvement in English, over 26% in Math and over 39% in Science over last year. 

XSEED Learnometer

The XSEED Learnometer Test is a 90-minute (grades 1-3) to a 120-minute (grades 4-8) computer-based annual exam and is generally considered a more difficult test than the traditional ones as it requires students to apply their knowledge rather than just recall facts and formulas. 

In addition to the three main subjects, the test also assessed students on three core thinking skills — Conceptual Understanding, Problem-Solving, and Communication — and found that improvement in the communication skills of these kids was the highest at 47%.  Further, in the demanding middle-school years (grades 6,7,8), XSEED Students do 21% better compared to non-XSEED students. This superior 
performance is underpinned by better mastery in  Communication skills (+22%) in English and better Conceptual Understanding (+29%) than their peers.