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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Panchayat Union officials swiftly fix drainage  flow on Yercaud Roads

Panchayat Union officials swiftly fix drainage flow on Yercaud Roads

In response to the sudden influx of sewage water onto the main road of Ondikadai in Yercaud, the Panchayat Union administration took swift action following the arrival of government officials, particularly Salem District Collector R Brindadevi. The hasty intervention came after repeated appeals from shop owners in the area, whose' wastewater overflowed onto the thoroughfare, affecting local commerce and the tourist experience.
The shops, leased out by the Yercaud Panchayat Union in the Ondikkady area, have long grappled with inadequate sewage drainage systems. Despite housing various establishments like restaurants, tea shops, and grocery stores, the absence of proper sewage channels led some proprietors to resort to collecting wastewater in large barrels. However, the overflow of sewage onto the road became a pressing issue, garnering complaints from both business owners and passersby.
Repeated pleas to the Panchayat Union administration for the construction of a sewage canal fell on deaf ears, exacerbating the problem and culminating in the unsightly flow of sewage onto the main thoroughfare, frequented by tourists visiting Yercaud. The officials’ lack of action not only marred the area's aesthetic but also hindered local commerce and left visitors with a negative impression.
The urgency to rectify the situation became apparent when Salem District Collector Brindadevi visited Yercaud in preparation for the upcoming summer festival. Within half an hour of her arrival, the Panchayat administration mobilized to remove the sewage water from the road, swiftly resorting to the application of bleaching powder to sanitize the area. While the immediate cleanup alleviated the immediate concern, it underscored the pressing need for a permanent solution to prevent future sewage spills onto the road.
As shopkeepers press for a permanent sewage canal local authorities face mounting pressure to deliver lasting solutions to safeguard public health and preserve Yercaud's appeal as a tourist destinati