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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Philanthropic Shiv Nadar, the pride of Tamil Nadu!

Philanthropic Shiv Nadar, the pride of Tamil Nadu!

Shiv Nadar the founder of Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) from Tamil Nadu has topped the newly released list of people who have donated the most for social work in India. He has donated Rs 1,161 crore and is back on top, overtaking Wipro founder AzimPremji (Rs 484 crore).He has become a frequent donor by donating around Rs3 crore per day. It is noteworthy that in 2016 too, Shiv Nadar had topped the list of highest donors. The 77 year-old Shiv Nadar hails from Moolaipozhi village of Thoothukudi district. Dinathanthi president C.P SivanthiAditanar is his maternal uncle.

He started the S.S.N Engineering College in Chennai in 1996 and has shown great interest in education, health and social development. Shiv Nadar has shown India that Tamils are better not only in making money but also in character. 

In the year 2008, he started the Shiv Nadar Foundation and through he has been helping the economically backward poor people to get education. Currently, he is focusing on providing new jobs hand in hand with the Tamil Nadu government. He started two high quality schools not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Uttar Pradesh. He selected 200 rural students in the state and gave them full scholarship.Apart from that, he is implementing 'Uday Project' for the welfare of slum areas in 11 cities where HCL office is located. HCL plays a major role in keeping clean, Noida, the major industrial city of UP.

He is also involved in environmental protection by planting 3 lakh saplings there. These are just a few of the social activities that HCL is doing. Shiv Nadar's social work continues without seeking publicity. May Shiv Nadar's hand of giving in business and social services continue allways. Salute to philanthropic Shiv Nadar!