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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Plea to arrest attackers of Arunthathiyar youths

Plea to arrest attackers of Arunthathiyar youths

Jaibhim People's Party state founder president A.A.Arivazhaganafter appealed to the government to arrest nearly 20 upper class people who attacked Arunthathiyar youths Naveen Kumar and Krupakaran of Polavakalipalayam, Gobi, by using lethal weapons on Nov 21 on the false charge of that they stole chicks. 

When they became unconscious and asked for water to drink,  they urinated on his face. Erodu District SP Jawahar registered a case under 6 sections under the Prevention of SC, ST Atrocities Act on Nov 24. But, till date, none of the culprits have been arrested, he rued.

He alongwith, Jaibhim party Youth Wing Founder-Chairman A.K.Raj(A)Kanagarajan Perundurai Suresh and executives, personally met Naveen Kumar and Krupahakaran who was undergoing treatment at the Gobi GH and consoled the affected youths and inquired about the incident.

 Arivazhagan requested  the Government  to enact a special law to prevent the continuing atrocities on the SC people even after 75 years of independence, provide due protection to the victims and arrest those who involved in the crime against the youths.