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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

Plea to set up turmeric research center in Modakurichi

Plea to set up turmeric research center in Modakurichi

Modakurichi MLA Dr. C Saraswati requested the government to take immediate action to set up a Turmeric Research Center in Modakurichi constituency.  Addressing at the officials meeting on MLA's 10 major demands of the segment at the collectorate, she said the government okayed the centre. Many sites were inspected.  Despite many efforts, the project did not get success.

So the government should immediately intervene and select a suitable place and set up the research center. Similarly, the facilities for the devotees in Kodumudi Magudeswarar temple area should be improved and declared as an ancient city and a tourist destination. A bus stand should be constructed in Modakurichi town. 

If there is not enough site, the government school in the town can be shifted to another place and a bus stand can be set up in the area. In Modakurichi block about 45 km Anuman Nadhi is existed.  Many encroachment and bushes in the river should be cleared.

Volunteers are ready to do this work and permission should be given to them. An unit to produce agricultural implements, a sports center should be set up in the block.   About 12 kilometers curve in Karur road should be straightened. Avalpoonthurai lake is in 200 acres.

A boat house and  park was constructed at an estimated cost of Rs1.7 crore there. Due to lack of maintenance, it is not in use. It should be modernized and brought to the people's use. A bridge across Cauvery to link Kodumudi with Pilikkalpalayam should be constructed, she said.