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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pledge on  Equality Day

Pledge on Equality Day

The fact is that many years have passed since the beginning of the social justice war against caste and it has not yet achieved complete success. Honour killings and other such caste-based atrocities, also take place from time to time. To that extent, caste is rooted in society. 

In Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister MK Stalin indulged himself in the war of uprooting caste after Periyar and Anna.  As a next step, the Tamil Nadu government has issued a pledge order following Chief Minister MK Stalin's announcement that Ambedkar's birthday on April 14 will be celebrated as 'Equality Day'. Accordingly, 'Equality Day' is being celebrated all over Tamil Nadu today.

The Government of Tamil Nadu states: On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Ambedkar, who laid down our Constitution and raised awareness about the rights of the common people by giving a lifelong voice against the caste discrimination and social oppression in the name of caste, for continuing to fight for the rights of the marginalized and for the equality of the oppressed, I sincerely promise that we will all strive to build an egalitarian society that we will never identify our fellow human beings in the name of caste and that we will uphold equality with our fellow human beings throughout our lives.

 Thus stated in the Government Order.Although the monster of caste that is rampant in society cannot be eradicated immediately, it should be carried out without ever retreating from its eradication activities. 

To put an end to the tendency to identify the man by the name of caste, not only the state but everyone must fight against caste as much as possible; Let's fight!