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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

PM Modi is delivering golden rule: GK Vasan

PM Modi is delivering golden rule: GK Vasan

PM Modi is delivering golden rule, praised former minister and TMC state president GK Vasan.

Speaking in Modakurichi next to Erode in support of NDA candidate Vijayakumar (TMC) for Erode Parliamentary Constituency, GK Vasan said: This election is important. Modi should become Prime Minister for the third term. So, the country should grow more. We need to strengthen ourselves as a safe country. 

This election lays the foundation to build a prosperous Tamil Nadu and a strong Bharat. Vijayakumar is competing against powerful ministers and rich people. The state government and those who have served as parliamentarians have not paid attention to the following problems of the constituency:

 Dye, tannery waste pollution causing cancer. Irrigated area is decreasing. There are problems in releasing water for irrigation. There should be a fixed price for turmeric. Erode Palani Rail Project. Integrated turmeric complex. Common effluent treatment Plant.  

Construction of oil rice mills in the  Kangeyam Darapuram. Livelihood of farmers and entrepreneurs should be protected. The government fails fixed price for sugarcane and arrears should be paid to canegrowers.  Additional platform should be constructed at Erode railway station. Vijayakumar will attend such problems.

 Modi government is giving golden rule. Modi is also fond of Tamil language and Tamils. But, the DMK government has burdened the people with property tax, house tax, electricity bill hiked. It promised to close the Tasmac shop, but it did not do so. Teachers, transport workers and civilians are also protesting. Law and order is bad. Murder, robbery and theft continue under it. 

So, the National Democratic Alliance must win to put an end to this. We should elect like-minded candidates to the Central government, he pleaded. 

TMC Former MLA Vidyal Shekhar  executives Chandrasekhar Yuvaraja  BJP MLA Dr. Saraswati, executives Vedantham, Palanichamy and many others participated in the campaign.