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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

PMK in alliance  dilemma as BJP and AIADMK negotiate

PMK in alliance dilemma as BJP and AIADMK negotiate

It is said that indirect talks are going on with parties like PMK and AIADMK regarding the parliamentary election alliance. If no alliance is formed, AIADMK plans to contest all 40 constituencies alone under the double leaf symbol.
At the same time, the Tamil Nadu BJP leadership is trying to form a third front. The BJP is expected to form a third alliance with the PMK, O. Panneerselvam, T.T.V Dhinakaran, Pari Vender's IJK, A.C Shanmugam and some smaller parties.
Amid such excitement, Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai will visit Delhi today. There is no doubt that Annamalai will consult the top leaders of the party regarding the alliance.
BJP National President J.P Nadda will arrive in Chennai on the 11th. 
At that time, he is going to consult with the party officials about the election work.  Prime Minister Modi will visit Tamil Nadu on the comming 25th. Annamalai is also said to be planning to consolidate the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and put all the leaders on one platform before Modi comes to Tamil Nadu.
It was reported that PMK had asked BJP for 12 constituencies, but BJP would give only 7 constituencies. On the other hand, it was reported that AIADMK former minister C.V Shanmugam had met PMK founder Dr.Ramadoss at his Thailapuram residence.
Thus, while the three corner contest in Tamil Nadu has been confirmed, the PMK is simultaneously negotiating with the BJP and the AIADMK.
If it joins the BJP, there is a chance of allocating the seats that the PMK wants.
If they join AIADMK it is difficult to get places they demand. But the chance of success is said to be slightly higher.
The idea of forming an alliance with the BJP and securing the required seats and a member of the Rajya Sabha is being put forward by political observers.
PMK is  like a cat on the wall with regard to joining an alliance. It will take a politically shrewed leap where it gains most. 
In a couple of days we will get the answer as to which side it would go.!