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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

POGO launches Pandavas' tales as part of summer campaign

POGO launches Pandavas' tales as part of summer campaign

POGO, India’s kids’ entertainment channel, has planned its summer campaign titled "Fun-tastic Summer," from April 25 till June 3.

To kick-off the holiday season, POGO is launching the thrilling adventures of five brothers ‘The Pandavas’ on April 23 with new episodes every weekend at 12:30 pm. ‘The Pandavas’, inspired by the mythological characteristics of the Pandava brothers,will be centred around the chronicles of Righteous Yudhishtir, Powerful Bheem, Astute Arjun, Adventurous Nakul and Valorant Sahadev in their childhood days, as students of Guru Dronacharya. 

Abhishek Dutta, South Asia Network Head for POGO and Cartoon Network said, “‘The Pandavas’ is a thrilling mix of action and comedy. We are positive POGO’s young fans will relate to the inspiring stories of the Pandava brothers. During the ‘POGO Fun-tastic Summer’ campaign, fans can expect celebrations, awesome content and a chance to meet their favourite toon characters.”