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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Poll campaign amid  sweltering heat: Stricter measures needed for violations

Poll campaign amid sweltering heat: Stricter measures needed for violations

Tamil Nadu, is experiencing extreme heat, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Women and children also wither in the scorching sun participating in public meetings and rallies attended by candidates in various constituencies as the parties participating in the campaign are spending substantial sums of money.
They engage in various activities like raising slogans in support of the candidates, holding high the party flag and making children sing. Even in the recent road show conducted by Prime Minister Modi in Coimbatore, school children participated in uniforms and came under heavy criticism.
Election Commission has  banned bringing children to election campaign meetings and warned that action will be taken.
Cases are being registered for violations like this in election campaign rallies or for major violations like giving money to voters by candidates. But the punishment given for it is so low that it does not create much impact or fear among the violators. Leaders, candidates and party members should be punished to the extent of fear.
Naam Tamizhar Party leader Seeman has put forward an idea that if a law is passed prohibiting a candidate who violates the election rules from contesting in the election for 10 years, the trend of giving money for votes will be completely eliminated. It does sound as a sensible idea. His argument is that there should be no leniency in the Election Commission’s actions against election violations but dealth with in all strictness.
Will the Election Commission of India take heed?