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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

'Ponniyin Selvan' tops in sales in Book Festival

'Ponniyin Selvan' tops in sales in Book Festival

Following renowned film director Manirathnam started producing veteran writer Kalki's novel- Ponniyin Selvan- as film, many showed much interest to read the novel, penned in 1950s. So, the sales of that novel tops among many books in the ongoing Erode Book Festival having over 2 lakh books of thousands of titles.

Various types of books such as historical books, novels, short stories, poems, text books, literatures, dictionaries etc are featured in the book festival. Similarly, books for students and children have also gained a lot of space. Books by famous authors and popular books are also kept for sale. 

The book fair is being held after two years due to the impact of Corona and has received a huge response. Readers are coming from morning till night. This year, history books sold at a record high. Especially Ponni's Selvan book is being bought more and more. 

Usually novels sales would be high.  But nowadays history books are being sold much as the youths are keen to know the  history of Chola kings. Ponniyin Selvan book is kept in about 100 stalls out of 236 in the fair.

 Based on the history of the 1,000-year-old Chola Empire, the novel was written. It costs from a minimum of Rs.450 to a maximum of Rs.3,500 depending on the quality of the paper.  The book of colour illustrations on oil paper sells for Rs 3,500. 

In the Erode Book Festival, not only readers from all walks of life, but also school and college students love and buy this novel.  200 to 300 copies of the novel with 5 parts are sold daily.  

20 to 30 percent price discount is given for this novel. Bhoominathan of New Century Book House said:   Mani Ratnam's film has artistes like Karthik, Vikram, Sarathkumar and Jayam Ravi, Thrisha Ayswarya Rai etc. The film is to be released shortly.  

Due to this, the sales of the novel rose much. Many school and college students and young people buy this novel. Similarly, historical novels of Chandilyan, Balakumaran and Kovi ​​Manisekaran, Velpari written by MP Su.Venkatesan are also selling more and more.

Many  readers said that after two years, the book fair was held. So, we eagerly bought many books. By reading history books, one can learn about the bravery and arts of Tamils. The book fairs should be held more often. Books on the history of the kings who ruled Tamil Nadu and the life of the Sangam period are being sold in abundance in the fair. 

As the Department of Archeology has set up a separate exhibition hall on Kodumanal in the fair, the interest of Kodumanal's history is also high among public. 

Along with history books, books related to astrology and spirituality are also sold more. School students buy Thirukkural books which are sold at Rs.10. Books on prominent personalities like Thomas Alva Edison, Abdul Kalam,  Vivekananda, GT Naidu, Painting Books, English Speaking Practice, English Story Books, Self Confidence Books are sold much.