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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

'Power Tariff hiked to rob People'

'Power Tariff hiked to rob People'

Former Electricity Minister  and Kumarapalayam MLA  P  Thangamani accused that electricity tariff has been hiked only to rob people. Addressing at the Anna birthday celebration public meeting at Pallipalayam, he said in its election manifesto, DMK assured not to hike the tariff and property tax citing suffering of people due to corona But, now, the tariff, property,  water and sewage water taxes were hiked many fold. 

The tariff has not been hiked during AIADMK rule which made the state as power surplus one from deficit and ensured 24 hour power supply. But, frequent powercut problem was surfaced once DMK came to power. Ministers Duraimurugan and  M Subramaniam faced that problem in the public functions 2 days back. 
Former CM Jayalalithaa allowed 2 power connections in a house so that 100 units of free electricity and electricity tariff concessions were given.

Such concession was withdrawn and tariff hiked from 26 to 56 percent. During AIADMK rule 10 lakh new power connections were given.  The present Electricity Minister used his own fund to advertise in the newspaper to defend the hike in tariff while normally government or TNEB would do it, indicating the rulers intention to rob people. He said due to the pressure of the Centre, the tariff has been hiked. During AIADMK rule also such pressures came to avoid loss in TNEB. 

But, the government bore the loss without hiking the tariff and thus protected the interest of people. 
Under the ADMK rule, one lakh women benefited under marriage aid scheme with getting one sovereign for making mangalsuthra. from the gold thali gold scheme. The DMK rule wiped out the scheme and also laptop, scooty schemes. It prepared to close Amma Unavagams.

Of 35 lakh old age pensioners in AIADMK rule, 10 lakh denied the benefit.  Free bicycles were given to students now only after AIADMK raked up non distribution of it.  As per the poll promise Rs 1000 for each woman, waiver of education, jewel loan, subsidy of Rs 100 for LPG refill, reduction of petrol and diesel etc were not made. 

Rather, many welfare schemes of AIADMK were cancelled. On the other,  rapes, murders, chain-grabbing, sales of ganja, illicit liquor rose.  So, people are ready to vote against the DMK to help win all 40 MP seats in LS poll, he said.  Party town secretary Velliangiri presided.