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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Primary schools sought  in 3 tribal villages

Primary schools sought in 3 tribal villages

Gunasekaran, a leader of Tamil Nadu Tribal People's Association, appealed to the Director of Tribal Welfare to open 3 primary schools in Anthiyur and TN palayam  Block, to help 75 kids  to continue education. He said there are 40 families living in Agnibavi, Bargur Hill,  where around 25 kids, studied in the National Child Labour Special School, were hit due to closure of the school.

They have returned to the sugarcane field to cut sugarcane and grazing cattle, as there is no school in 3 km distance. Similarly, there are 40 tribal families living in Vilangombi in TN Palayam area. As the National Child Labor Special School which was functioning there has been closed down, the children here are suffering from not going to school. 

They have to travel 8 to 10 km to go to school. One has to cross the four jungles having elephants to go to school. So, 30 tribal children do not have access to education. Similarly, there are about 50 families living in the tribal village of Thotta Gombai, Bargur hill. As the National Child Labour Special School that was functioning there has also been closed down, 25 children are left without going to school. 

They have to walk more than 5 km to reach the primary school.Thus, 75 kids of the above 3 villages have denied education. This is also a violation of the Right to Free Compulsory Education Act. So without further delay steps should be taken to start primary schools in  these three villages immediately, he pleaded.