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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Private Medical College student tops exam held at GH

Private Medical College student tops exam held at GH

A private medical college student has won the gold medal in the Gold Medal Examination conducted in the name of Prof. A. Suresh Venkatachalam, Head of the Oncology Department at the Coimbatore Government Hospital.

Speaking on this, Coimbatore Government Hospital Dean Dr Nirmala said, “Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital has introduced the Gold Medal Examination to encourage students studying in Government and Private Medical Colleges in Coimbatore. The best doctors are4 honoured by naming those examinations after them.

Accordingly, the gold medal examination introduced at the Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital has been named after the Head of the Department of Cancer Surgery, Prof. A. Suresh Venkatachalam. A fixed deposit of Rs 1 lakh has been set aside in the name of this examination. It is planned to conduct this examination annually with the interest drawn out of this.”

A total of 19 students from government and private medical colleges took part in the recent examination at the Government Medical College Hospital. The examination was conducted in two phases namely written and practical examination. The written exam consisted of 10 questions. The 5 best-performing students were selected for the practical exam. Dr Janani, a final year postgraduate student of general medicine and surgery at a private medical college grabbed the first prize. 

Dr Prabhu, a final year master's student of CMCH won second place. The certificate was awarded to the runner-up. Certificates of participation were also issued to all who participated in the test.

Dr Lakshmi Narayani, Head, Department of General Surgery, Coimbatore Government Hospital; Dr A. Suresh Venkatachalam, Head, Department of Cancer Surgery; Prof. Saratha of the Department of General Surgery, PSG Medical College were the examiners.