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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Prodapt gets huge by  expanding its  Panamanian operations

Prodapt gets huge by expanding its Panamanian operations

Prodapt, the largest and fastest-growing specialized firm in the Connectedness industry, is expanding its Panamanian operations through a $7 million investment, leveraging the unique nearshoring advantage offered by the country.
“Prodapt is the first India-headquartered technology services and consulting firm to set up operations in Panama. 
By leveraging the skilled workforce and conducive business environment in the country, we have scaled its operations several times over the last two years,” said Harsha Kumar, CEO of Prodapt. 
“I am happy to learn that Indian IT company Prodapt is enhancing its operations in Panama and I wish the firm success in Panama and global operations,” Upender Singh Rawat, Ambassador of India to Panama, said.
Prodapt’s Panamanian operations enhance service delivery for clients in the Americas by complementing offshore strengths with certain capabilities only a nearshore center can provide – such as the unique multilingual capabilities and time zone compatibility.