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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Professor Nirmala Devi found guilty by  Srivilliputhur Fast Track Court

Professor Nirmala Devi found guilty by Srivilliputhur Fast Track Court

The Srivilliputhur District Fast Track Court for Women has delivered its verdict, finding Professor Nirmala Devi guilty of attempting to mislead college students in Aruppukkottai.
Allegations arose against Nirmala Devi, who served as a professor in a private college in Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar district, for sexually harassing students. Subsequently, on April 16, 2018, the police arrested Nirmala Devi, along with Madurai Kamarajar University professor Murugan and research student Karuppasamy, in connection with the case. The related case was under review in the District Mahila Court at Srivilliputhur, which has now reached a conclusion after six years.
Nirmala Devi, known for her influence in Madurai Kamarajar University and higher education circles, allegedly made inappropriate advances towards certain students in the college where she was employed. These actions, intended to leverage her connections in higher education, garnered attention when audio recordings of her conversations were circulated on social media platforms, sparking widespread outrage in Tamil Nadu.Various organizations and protesters raised their voices against this initially concealed issue, leading to a police investigation and subsequent arrests. The case gained further significance when allegations implicated figures associated with the Governor's House, prompting a separate inquiry committee headed by retired IAS officer Santhanam, appointed by then Governor Banwarilal Purohit.
Following investigations conducted by the CB CID under sections of the Prevention of Violence against Women Act, Prevention of Prostitution Act, and misuse of technology, charge sheets were filed against Nirmala Devi, Murugan, and Karuppasamy. While Nirmala Devi, Murugan, and Karuppasamy spent considerable time in custody before being released on bail, the case progressed through the Srivilliputhur District Fast Track Women's Court.
Initially scheduled for judgment on April 26, the case was postponed to April 29 due to Nirmala Devi's absence in court. However, Srivilliputhur Court Judge Bhagwati Ammal has now declared Nirmala Devi guilty of misconduct towards college students. The sentencing will be announced today at 2.30 pm. Meanwhile, the second and third accused, Professor Murugan and research student Karuppasamy, have been acquitted due to insufficient evidence.