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Proposal to extend Erode outer ring road

Proposal to extend Erode outer ring road

The state highways department officials of Erode division suggested to the government to extend the Erode outer ring road from Perundurai road to Karur Road.

They said that the outer ring road from Parisalthurai in Karur road to Perundurai road (15 km) was already laid and the work was going on to expand the 2 lane to 4 lane (picture) of the outer ring road from Anaikalpalayam to Perundurai road near Chinnamedu at a cost of Rs 59.60 cr.

As per the original plan of outer ring road, the road from Chinnamedu should end at Ganiravuthar Kulam in Sathy road via Villarasampatti road. But the road extension work was not done. Now, the government allotted Rs 15 lakh to study the outer ring road extension project.

So, it was suggested to extend that road from Chinnamedu in Perundurai road to Ganiravuthar Kulam in Sathy Road and Agraharam in Bavani Road and Karungalpalayam and then Karur Road. It would help people to easily go via that outer ring road to the upcoming new mofussil bus stands at Solar and Ganiravuthar Kulam from various parts of the city and other districts.

It would reduce traffic congestion in the railway bridge and underpass near Bull Fight Junction. Now, it is only way for people of 75 percent areas of Erode City to go to Solar. So, the extension of the outer ring road upto Karur Road is must. The cost of 25 km length such extension could need Rs 700 cr including Rs 200 cr for land acquisition. (3 times of the highest land registration cost in 1.5 km surrounding areas from the land to be acquired should be given as compensation to land owners). 

The previous rule mooted Rs 700 cr worth 7 km stretch over bridge from Kalingarayan PWD guest house to Thindal in Perundurai Road in the City and soil testings were completed. But, after a study on vehicular movement, it was found that the project was not viable. Hence, the present government dropped the project. Then only, the Highways officials mooted the extension of the outer ring road linking Perundurai, Sathy, Bavani, Karur Roads to ease the traffic congestion within the town and link 2 upcoming mofussil bus stands.

They said that normally 18 metre width road is required to build over bridge as the pillar of the bridge would alone need 3 metre width. It would alone help movement of vehicles under the bridge on both sides (6-7 metre on both side). But, Mettur, Gandhiji, RKV Roads, heart of the city, didn't have 18 metre width. Hence, it is not possible to construct flyovers on such roads which have many buildings on both sides. The only option is extending the city limit to facilitate people to move to such areas. With that objective alone, the mofussil bus stands were coming up and the extension of outer ring road was mooted. The government would alone decide on the matter, they added.