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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Put an end to  defamatory speeches !

Put an end to defamatory speeches !

In the anticipatory bail case filed in the Madras High Court by Kumaraguru, former AIADMK legislator from Ulundurpet has mentioned that on the 19th., Anna Centenary public meeting held at Kallakurichi, the police have registered a case against him with political motives under various sections for speaking obscenely about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin and Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin. He said that the case was pursued and therefore he sought to be granted bail before him. 
The case came up for hearing before Justice Jayachandran. Then the police objected that he should not be granted bail. After listening to both the arguments, the judge, former legislator Kumaraguru, who spoke slander about the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and his minister Udhayanidhi, should take proper permission from the police and hold a public meeting at the place where he slandered the above persons and apologize unconditionally. A report should be filed in court in this regard. It was only then that the petition would be taken up for hearing, somewhat strangely and at the same time he issued an order which was welcomed by all.
Subsequently, a meeting was held by the AIADMK in the same Kallakurichi Mandhaiveli. Former MLA Kumaraguru attended the meeting. He then said, ``When I spoke at the last Anna's birthday public meeting, a wrong word came out about Udhayanidhi Stalin. When I found out that it was a wrong word, I expressed my regret on social media that the word I spoke was wrong. It has been published in press and television. If the words I spoke hurt their feelings, I apologize through this meeting. At any time, the word I speak will not be hurtful to others,'' he said with two hands raised.
Will the case against him be withdrawn and will he be granted anticipatory bail? The question has arisen. The judge had said that the bail plea will be taken up for hearing if he comes after he has apologized unconditionally. Kumaraguru has also apologized for that. So there is an expectation that this issue can be resolved.
Especially politicians should speak very carefully keeping in mind that no one should speak slander about anyone. This is what Justice Jayachandran has condemned. Slandering for political reasons is more common in Tamil Nadu. Defamation cases have been registered against the responsible leaders.
What happened to former AIADMK MLA Kumaraguru should not happen to anyone again. The court only advises you to speak with conscience and not think that you can waste time by talking defamation and facing a case in court.
Former MLA Kumaraguru has assured that the word he spoke will not offend others at any time. May these words be etched in the minds of everyone who speaks before the mike on stage.
Let's hope that people who are involved in public life will speak cautiously!